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Your Daily and Monthly Numeroscopes
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This website has been developed to cater for receiving our free daily personal numeroscopes not only on a computer but also on a mobile phone (cell phone) with a limited Internet roving capacity, like download bandwidth, screen size and account affordability.

If you own a mobile phone of the type of a 'smart phone' and have an account with the phone's carrier that does not have these restrictions, you are in a position to receive our daily forecasts just like you would using a computer.

If the latter is your situation, and to enjoy the entire list of our free services as well as signing up for these daily free forecasts, go to, and for the daily numeroscopes to

If, on the other hand, you do have a mobile phone with the above mentioned containments, this webpage is addressing you in particular.

In order to use under these conditions, you need to know the email address of your mobile phone (cell phone) which is assigned to your phone by the carrier company (service provider) of your mobile phone.
If you do not find this in the phone's manual, contact your carrier to make an inquiry. It is often refered to as 'email to SMS gateway'.
More and more carriers in various countries have taken this facility on and their list is growing daily.

To find out what these email addresses look like, go to and/or

The following carriers have been tested positive with our new service:

Here is how it works:

Use a computer or mobile phone to sign up for this service at (which is this webpage).

The following form you only have to fill out once.
You will receive the Daily and Monthly Numeroscopes until you unsubscribe.
An unsubscribe link will be mentioned in your daily SMS.

Birth Year *

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* Birth Year 1 through 9999.

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Email Address, either that from your computer to be used for smart phones or your mobile/cell phone specific email address (see aforementioned difference)

You may now click the Submit button
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In the case of using a restricted phone, the Daily Numeroscopes will be sent as an SMS to your mobile at 1.00 am each day of the year and the Monthly Numeroscope at the same time on the 25th of each month.
If your timezone is under a temporary 1 hour dailight saving, they will be available from 2.00 am on.
These times hold also true for the smart phone or computer services.
The actual forecast texts are the same no matter on which type of device you receive them.

The Daily Numeroscope is the daily aspect of your life long Fundamental Lesson (your Life Purpose), the latter of which is the main reason for living this time round, in this embodiment, and under circumstances that shape the physical, social and spiritual environment in which you have to evolve and (hopefulluy) fulfill your Life Purpose.
Remember that the daily vibration lasts only one day (midnight to midnight), and generally, the next day has a different energic flavor.

Each and any forecast vibration sets the conditions under which events will be presented to you to deal with, in order to gain learning experiences and make them part of the data pool that is stored in your consciousness for future use.
The daily vibration is enveloped in the monthly and that in the yearly one (the onion and its layers).
The yearly vibration then is held in the Long Term Influences which are periods of about 25 years, depending on the type of your Fundamental Lesson.
Lastly, all of these are temporary subcycles of the life long Fundamental Lesson.

The webpages of your daily numeroscopes will include links to these higher, enveloping layers.

Above email address will only be used to carry out the above function and for the occasional notification regarding updates, upgrades and new services. does not engage in trading with email addresses in any way, and that includes selling, renting and exchanging them.

To contact us send us an email.
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